Payment in 4 times

You wanted it, we did it!

Yes, you can and with 0% interest!

Anyone that has booked a junk at least once during their time in Hong Kong knows how painful, time consuming, manual and inefficient this process can be.

To begin with, one needs to compare all boats, ask for quotes, compare prices, options, etc etc... Then if the catering is not provided or is not the correct cuisine you want, you must then look for more appropriate options. 

Once the boat has been selected, you need to pay a heavy 50% deposit for the boat and select food and beverage then follows the marathon of chasing down your friends one by one whilst maintain a list of who's confirmed, who's paid, then incessantly trying to reconcile the balance sheet for what can be a large hit to your personal finances.

Junkingly was already automating all of this and taking a big part of the stress away from the process, keeping it simple and as painless as possible.

The quotation system allows to receive the best quotes and compare all the boats in a single place. Moreover, as a host you don't bear burden of chasing down the payments, this is all done by Junkingly as a neutral agent and you have full visibility on all payments and transfers, knowing at any point in time who paid what.

But that was not enough, we wanted to be even more disruptive !

It's always been a bit difficult to make a down payment of 50% to secure the boat knowing that your guests are not going to pay you back soon ... a large hit to your personal finances as mentionned above.

And so now we made it possible to pay the deposit in 3 times: allowing you to secure a boat by paying 17% of its price immediately and the rest in 2 months. This gives you the time to receive payments from all your guests and settle both deposit and the remaining 50% with the funds received.